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Electric Heaters
Modine electric unit heaters provide a wide variety of options and can meet the total heating requirements in most industrial plants, commercial and recreational buildings. They are an ideal solution for buildings that require long heat-throw, uniform delivery, and low installation and maintenance costs. Features include:

  • Adjustable deflector blades allowing complete directional airflow control
  • Terminal and junction boxes for easy access to critical connections and terminals
  • Enclosed motors to protect from thermal overload
  • Statically and dynamically balanced fans
  • Automatically re-setting overheat control
  • Removable fan and motor assemblies without lowering the unit heater

Horizontal Electric Heaters (HER) - Modine electric unit heaters provide a wide variety of options in solving comfort-heating problems. Each is designed for long heat-throw, uniform heat-delivery and reduced maintenance. Learn more about our Horizontal Electric Heaters

Vertical Electric Heaters (V/VN) - Wherever ceilings are high and there are prevalent obstructions prevent quality horizontal air flow, a vertical electric heater (V/VN) may be the proper solution you are looking for. Learn more about our Vertical Electric Heaters

Power Throw Electric Heaters (PTE) - When air velocity and heat throw demands are greater than those from standard horizontal models, the Power Throw (PT) unit heater should be considered. For hard-to-heat areas, such as loading docks or large warehouses, PT units are an ideal choice. Learn more about our Power Throw Electric Heaters

Explosion Proof Electric Heaters (HEX) - Modine's explosion proof electric unit heaters are designed for hazardous industrial locations where potential for explosion exists due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, powdered-metals or dusts. Learn more about our Explosion Proof Electric Heaters