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Below you will find important greenhouse heating resources and answers to commonly asked questions.

Q: I can't find my Installation and Service manual. Can I get a new one?
A: Many of your questions can be answered in your appropriate Installation and Service manual. View our numerous Installation Instructions Guides for information on your particular unit.


Q: What size unit is best in my greenhouse and where can I find pricing information?
A: View our Where to Buy  database for questions about determining which unit is right for your greenhouse.

Q: Are there any gas-fired unit heaters that can help lower my energy costs?
A: Yes, Modine’s 93% efficient Effinity93 gas-fired unit heater can significantly lower your energy costs through decreased fuel consumption. To see how much you could be saving, check out our Effinity93 Payback Calculator .


Q: Are direct-fired heaters really 100% efficient?
A: No. Direct-fired heating equipment requires air changes to prevent buildup of harmful products of combustion. Air changes remove warm inside air and replace it with cold outside air, which then must be heated to room temperature, making it inefficient.

Q: Why should I use a stainless steel heat exchanger and burner my greenhouse?
A: Due to the high moisture content of greenhouses, a stainless steel heat exchanger will extend the life of the unit.

Q: Can a gas-fired unit heater be used for under the bench heating?
A: Yes, by running a tube under the bench and supplying air with a blower unit heater. This has the added benefit of moving air which will help with the overall wellness of the greenhouse.

Q: Can a gas-fired unit heater be mounted below 7 feet?
A: Yes, but it must be properly guarded to prevent injury to occupants of the space.

Q: Can a gas-fired unit heater be mounted outdoors?
A: No, the unit is not weatherproof.

Q: Do gas-fired unit heaters use natural or propane gas?
A: Both. Your unit heater can be set up at the factory for either natural or propane gas, or it may be field converted.

Q: Can a unit heater's fan be used even if the thermostat doesn't call for heat?
A: Yes, a summer/winter switch or subase switching may be used to turn the fan on without a call for heat. Refer to Summer/Winter Switch and Subbase Wiring for instructions.


Q: I just installed a Modine PDP propeller fan, but I actually need a blower unit. May I convert this unit to a blower?
A: No, do not attempt this. Replace the unit with the correct blower model.

Q: What are combustion air requirements for non-separated combustion heaters?
A: Combustion air is used during the burner on cycle and must be replaced. For each cubic foot of gas burned, 10 cubic feet of air for combustion is required. See full details in the unit's installation instructions.

Q: In order to save gas, may I block of one of the intake air orifices?
A: No. Blocking an orifice it will cause a flash back.

Q: To lower my BTU output, may I go to a smaller orifice size?
A: No, this may cause improper operation of the unit.

Q: How can I quickly check the incoming voltage on my gas-fired unit heater?
A: Using a voltage meter, check the terminal between terminal T1 & G. If 24 volts are present, you must have supply voltage.


Q: Can I install Modine heaters myself?
A: All installation and service of these units must be performed by a qualified installation and service agency.


For any unanswered troubleshooting questions, view our Service Diagnosis Guide.