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Greenhouse Heaters

While greenhouses are a dream for plants, they can be harsh and corrosive environments for equipment like greenhouse heaters. With a high-efficiency Effinity greenhouse heater, you can help eliminate mold and fungal diseases in crops. The variety of greenhouse heaters we offer fit any environment and application to help you maintain a remarkably even and uniform temperature at bench or ground level — from wall to wall.

  • Vertical Power Vented (PDP/BDP)

    Vertical Power Vented (PDP/BDP)

    Inexpensive to install, easy to use and time tested for quality and durability. Our commercial grade power vent unit heaters come with either a propeller fan or centrifugal blower fan in seven different sizes.

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  • Separated Combustion (PTS/BTS)

    Separated Combustion (PTS/BTS)

    Separated combustion unit heaters obtain 100% of their combustion air from outside, ensuring that nothing but clean, fresh air is burned in the combustion chamber.

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  • Low Profile Stainless Steel Power Vented (PTP)

    Low Profile Stainless Steel Power Vented (PTP)

    This is the ideal solution for heating garages or workshops. Certified for residential use, as well as commercial applications.

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  • Effinity™ (PTC/BTC)

    Effinity™ (PTC/BTC)

    Modine’s Effinity™ unit heater line is the most efficient gas-fired, condensing unit heater in North America.

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