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Electric Unit Heaters

Power Throw Electric Heater (PTE)

Where there is a requirement for air velocity and heat throw greater than can be provided by horizontal delivery models, Power Throw (PTE) unit heaters should be considered. For hard-to-heat areas, such as in the vicinity of frequently opened loading docks or large warehouses, PT units are an ideal choice. Due to the higher velocity of discharge air, their air streams should not be directed at room occupants. A single PT unit heater can often be used to replace as many as three smaller horizontal delivery units, thereby reducing equipment, installation and maintenance costs.

  • Completely factory assembled and wired for specific power supply ordered.
  • Finned-tube sheathed nichrome wire heating elements.
  • Totally enclosed motor with thermal-overload protection.
  • Fans are statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Fan and motor assemblies are exposed and can be removed without lowering the unit heater.
  • The unit casing is treated for protection against corrosion prior to the application of the attractive gray-green, baked-on polyester powder coat paint finish.
  • Horizontal air deflector blades are standard.
  • Terminal and junction boxes provide easy access to heating-element terminals, an overheat control switch, and the power supply and control connections.
  • An automatic reset overheat control.