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Geothermal Heat Pumps


Modine's GeoSync™ water-to-air geothermal units are high-efficiency, eco-friendly forced-air ground source heat pump designed to provide the ultimate in comfort. The GeoSync™ water-to-air units were engineered to meet the performance
needs of both residential and light commercial users. GeoSync™ is equipped with our exclusive CF™ Microchannel air coil to significant improve heating efficiencies. 

The new design has also taken setup and service into account with the industry's only vertical side panel placement of the proven and reliable Modine Control System. This placement allows easy access to the controls without having to crawl around on the ground like other units.

The GeoSync is available in 2 to 6-ton sized vertical configurations to meet any space requirements - such as a basement, attic, or office space.

Select Water-to-Air Geothermal Systems earned ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2017, so you can enjoy the comfort without the consequence.

GeoSync Vertical Unit Benefits

  • Best Heating Efficiency among two-speed units in the industry
  • Easy to access Modine Controls Systems
  • Designed to fit most residential and light commercial spaces
  • Offers more efficient air flow by removing the blower motor from the air stream
  • Durable steel cabinet construction
  • Used standard size filters for easy replacement
  • 10-year limited warranty

Standard Horizontal Unit Benefits

  • Efficient and quiet performance with single or dual-stage scroll compressor
  • Oversized heat exchangers for increased efficiencies and greater cost savings
  • Steel cabinet construction
  • Effortless start-up with Modine Controls Systems
  • 10-year limited warranty

GeoSync Vertical Units Features

  • Available in 2 to 6-ton sizes
  • Vertical side panel control access with separate high & low voltage sections
  • Decstar Blower with integrated EC motor
  • Standard 4” MERV 11 air filter

Standard Horizontal Units Features

  • Available in 1.5 to 6-ton sizes
  • Single or dual-speed scroll compressors depending on model size
  • Standard 2" MERV 13 air filters

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