Disaster Emergency Response - Modine HVAC

Natural Disaster Relief Emergency Response Information

Airedale is here to help schools reopen

When severe storms and natural disasters hit, a disruption to indoor air quality in schools will be a challenge.

At Airedale, we understand how important it is to ensure your district is back up and running so you can provide a healthy learning environment for staff and students when they return.

Our technical and field service teams are ready to assist you in this time of need.


Equipment Analysis & Troubleshooting

Airedale Service is standing by to offer phone support and on-site equipment analysis if required.

All customers – regardless of whether or not they have a service contract – can contact technical support to troubleshoot any issues they might be experiencing with their equipment.  Even if you are not an Airedale customer today, we will do everything we can to help.


Unit replacements

Our service teams are ready to provide prompt commissioning and startup for new units and our sales team is ready to assist.

Service Team Contact Information
Call: 1-866-823-1631
Email: technicalservice@modine.com

Our Service team is standing by to serve those impacted.

For prompt assistance, call 1-866-823-1631 and specify that your concern is related to the recent severe storm or natural disaster.

Contact our Service Team with your questions.