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Infrared Heaters

Low Intensity

Modine's single-burner positive pressure infrared heater is approved for vented or unvented commercial and industrial applications. A water-resistant control compartment provides weatherproof protection and allows either indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Heat-treated darkening increases both radiant heat output for more heat near the end of the tube system and eliminates the scratching and flaking that can occur with painted tubes. Aluminized steel provides corrosion resistance for longer life.
  • Direct radiant heat from the tubes to the desired area, for increased comfort over wider areas.
  • Can be removed completely while accessing either side of the unit.
  • Maintains life-long new appearance.
  • Reduces maintenance.
  • Allows convenient access from either side of the burner box.
  • Allows manifold pressure adjustments during unit operation, which increases ease of installation and service.
  • Improve service access.
  • Provides a convenient visual check of unit operation from ground level.
  • Indicates that the combustion blower is operating.
  • Provides reliable ignition.
  • Maximizes installation flexibility.
  • Maximizes application flexibility for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Assures that the unit conforms to national safety standards.

  • Heat-treated darkened aluminized steel tubes
  • Polished aluminum reflectors
  • Removable side-access panels on both sides of the burner box
  • Durable polyester-powder paint
  • Permanently-lubricated combustion blower motor
  • 180 degree-rotating gas valve
  • Sealed burner compartment
  • Flame sensor and ignitor mounted externally to the combustion chamber
  • Flame observation window on underside of combustion chamber
  • Pressure switch closure light on underside of unit
  • Four-trial, hot surface ignition with separate flame sensor
  • System approval for vented and common vented installation
  • Weatherproof, water-resistant casing
  • CSA design certification