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Efficiently Heat Your Commercial or Residential Space with Modine

For many building owners, breaking the bank to heat a space isn’t an option. As is the case for most people, facility managers would prefer to save money as opposed to having a high energy bill. The same applies to homeowners. They want the most bang for their buck, and efficient commercial HVAC heaters are great solutions.

At Modine, we offer some of the best products to efficiently heat both your commercial and residential spaces. From our Effinity™ series to our Hot Dawg™ garage heaters, here are three excellent heating options for you. 

Effinity™ High-Efficiency Commercial Gas-Fired Unit Heater

For a commercial building looking for heating options, look no further than the high-efficiency commercial gas-fired unit heater. This condensing unit heater features the highest efficiency available in North America for commercial and industrial gas-fired unit heaters. The reason this unit is so efficient lies within the secondary heat exchanger technology and the robust tubular primary heat exchanger design. It operates at up to 97% thermal efficiency and will dramatically lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Just one Effinity™ can lower CO2 output by thousands of pounds annually.  

If you are wondering if the Effinity™ unit heater is right for you, you can use our Effinity™ Payback Calculator to see what kind of savings you will receive from using this unit. By just submitting a few details regarding your unit, the payback calculator can give you a comparison between your unit and the Effinity™.

Lodronic™ Low-Temperature Hydronic Heater

The Lodronic™ low-temperature heater was designed specifically for use with high-efficiency boilers. When using the typical oversized hydronic unit heater, it can overwork the high-efficiency boiler system and result in poor system performance and lower temperature output. When using this heater, facility managers will see dramatic improvements including 50% less electric use, 35% higher discharge temperature, 30% smaller footprint and 2.5 times quieter operation.

Hot Dawg™ Separated Combustion Garage Heater

If you need to heat your garage or workshop, the Hot Dawg™ Garage Heater is for you. With versatile installation options, this heater frees up space, so you have more room to complete your projects. The quiet operation allows your space to be warm without the distraction of a loud heater running in the background. This unit uses both natural and propane gas.

If you are looking for efficient heating solutions for your commercial or residential space, check out all these products at