Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Modine’s infrared heaters provide excellent heating solutions for backyard patios, restaurants, workshops, and much more. Modine offers several gas-fired and electric models in various sizes, with inputs ranging from 1,500 to 200,000 Btu/Hr. The key advantage lies in their ability to provide instant heat, making them ideal for spaces requiring quick warmth without waiting for traditional heaters to circulate air. Electric infrared heaters are also energy-efficient, as they heat targeted areas directly, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. With diverse applications in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, these heaters offer a versatile and focused solution for achieving comfort in any environment.

ELX Single Black

The MEL Series is a high wattage, commercial-grade electric heater offering. A great choice for spot heating and outdoor patios, the MEL series can accommodate a wide variety of heating needs.


The MES Infrared is a sleek yet robust aluminum extruded body and long wave radiant technology designed for moderate climates. A great choice for your solarium, workshop, yoga studio or semi-enclosed outdoor room.


This heater features a high-performance Tungsten element with advanced light filtering coating. The MEQ is the perfect solution for restaurants, vestibules, rooftops, or backyard patios.


Modine’s single-burner positive pressure infrared heater is approved for vented or unvented commercial and industrial applications.


Modine’s high intensity ceramic infrared heater is approved for indoor unvented installation. It does not utilize a fan, thus eliminating noise and draft distractions.


Modine’s high quality and stylish high intensity patio heater is designed to provide outdoor heating comfort to keep your outdoor living space available, even when the weather gets colder.

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