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Modine Controls System

Modine Controls System

Controls are one of the most important components of specialized HVAC equipment. The Modine Control System is designed and engineered around the product to ensure the equipment operates safely, reliably, with optimized performance, and maximum energy efficiency.

The Modine Controls System utilizes Carel programmable microprocessor controllers. The controllers are highly advanced with a powerful 32-bit microprocessor for fast processing speed and feature a number of I/Os for complex HVAC/R applications.

While our Controls Engineering Group creates highly advanced program algorithms specific to the equipment, they also ensure that the user interface is simple to use with intuitive menus, real-time operating status screens, and easy-to-understand warnings and alarms.

The Modine Control System is available on a number of products including School Classroom Ventilation Units.

  • Wide range of application driven control strategies, from space conditioning to heating/cooling/dehumidifying high volumes of outside air.
  • Energy efficiency is maximized through superior control and sequencing of all system components
  • Easy-to-follow menu driven system that includes user level, service level, and manufacturer level password protection
  • Operating hours by system (i.e. compressors, supply fan, etc.) simplify preventative maintenance
  • Select models include advanced diagnostic capability with real time display of key refrigerant pressures, temperatures, condenser sub cooling temperature, and evaporator superheat temperature all but eliminates the need for a gauge set during troubleshooting
  • Includes true relay outputs, allowing the unit to handle electrical surges or brownouts
  • Real-time clock with battery backup includes built in scheduler for up to 7 periods per day and up to 20 holiday periods
  • All reset points fully adjustable.
  • Compatibility with major Building Management Systems such as BACnet® and LonWorks®
  • When integrated with a BMS, the Modine Control System allows either supervisory or full unit control. For full unit control, the Modine Control System maintains oversight of the system to ensure operation stays within the equipment’s safe operating envelope.
  • Remote hand-held user interface provides easy access to setup and diagnostic screens, alarm status, and updating setpoints. Typically mounted remote to minimize trips to the roof, equipment room, or classroom, up to 100ft from unit using standard RJ12 cable.
  • “Smart Key” plug-in memory key efficiently transfers setup parameters between units when commissioning multiple units.

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