Make-Up Air Systems

Make-Up Air Systems

Modine’s offers an array of indoor and outdoor heating and ventilating equipment including direct and indirect gas-fired gravity-vented, power-vented, and separated combustion make-up air units. Available in various configurations, the units can satisfy a building’s heating, make-up air, cooling, or ventilating requirements.

Airedale by Modine Direct-Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-Up Air

Ideal for applications that require 100% outside air, our direct-fired unit provides maximum application flexibility and is available in two models.

Airedale by Modine Indirect-Fired Indoor Power Vented Make-Up Air

The indoor power vented duct furnace with blower and cooler sections were designed for use with a building’s heating, ventilation, cooling, and make-up air systems.


Indirect-fired outdoor make-up air systems are designed and engineered to deliver superior performance in a variety of applications.


The Modine indoor separated combustion duct furnace with blower and/or cooling sections was designed for use with a building’s heating, heating/ventilating/cooling, and make-up air systems.

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