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The importance of HVAC maintenance: how to check your heater

As we are nearing the end of summer and greenhouses are getting prepared for the colder seasons, it’s a great time to check and prep the HVAC.

A safe and comfortable environment for sports

Schools and universities should pursue upgrades that will decrease the number of airborne pathogens in their indoor sports facilities.

Indoor Sports And Healthy IAQ

With schools in the midst of the spring semester, it is important to maintain excellent air quality in the buildings, especially as indoor sports have brought students, players, families, and refs into gyms and common areas.

2022 Trends in the HVAC Industry

Efficiency, the desire for efficient units is the second big trend for the HVAC industry heading into 2022.

HVAC Upgrades to Better Improve Your IAQ

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a primary topic of discussion over the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the issue to the front of the national news cycle.

Preparing Hotels’ Commercial HVAC Systems for the Holidays

With Christmas and New Year’s approaching, now is the time for hotel facility managers to prepare their HVAC units for upcoming company holiday parties and gatherings.

Smooth Transitions from Cooling to Heating with Mark Orlovsky

What needs to be done when we’re moving from a cooling to a heating season.

Modine expands product line and work force in Rockbridge

If the Modine factory floor in Buena Vista looks busy, that’s because it is.

Experts Expect Interest in IAQ to Continue after COVID

Average people became much more concerned about ventilation and filtration than ever before. That’s been a boon for the HVAC industry.

Breath of Fresh Air

Improving IAQ to better protect your customers.

Maintain Excellent Indoor Air Quality With HVAC Upgrades

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become an area of emphasis among those in the HVAC industry and on a national level.

Preparing Commercial HVAC Units for the Changing Seasons

Mechanical HVAC systems play a large part in creating memorable customer experiences, so it is vital for facility managers to ensure systems are ready for change.

Keep Schools Safer With Improved Indoor Air Quality

With the return of in-person learning this fall, heightened concerns over harmful airborne pathogens have placed HVAC manufacturers under a microscope.

Secure a Smooth Transition from Cooling to Heating

Mark Orlovsky, the service, warranty and quality manager for Modine HVAC, joins editor in chief Janelle Penny to discuss the HVAC maintenance you need to do this fall.

Chris Marasco outlines the way forward for IAQ in schools

Chris Marasco, product manager at US-based Modine Manufacturing Company, tackles the topic of improving indoor air quality in schools.

HVACP Fall 2021

HVAC and Plumbing product news.

Fall HVAC Maintenance Tips

Facility managers who take a proactive rather than a reactive approach heading into the fall heating season will benefit in the long run.

HVAC Technology Prepares Hotel Industry for Getting Back to Normal

The right solutions and proper maintenance can help keep travelers safe

Best practices for HVAC efficiency

As the calendar turns to the hottest time of the year for most locations, it is imperative that hotel HVACs are working optimally.

Lessons In Improving Classroom Indoor Air Quality

Now, more than ever, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a major focus concerning the health and safety of students and faculty within the nation’s schools.

Manufacturers Look at Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality While Controlling Costs

In recent years, energy efficiency ranked highest among the concerns for commercial HVAC clients. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, and IAQ moved to forefront.

Growing Ventilation Demand Drives HVAC Industry Trends

During Q1, school systems drove demand for HVAC and ventilation equipment. Instead of an expected lull during the first few months of the year, there has been robust activity in the educational sector.

ASHRAE, Air Control Experts Explain How to Have Safe Buildings

In this article about indoor air quality concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ACHR The News turned to Michael Schires, Modine senior product manager, for insight into the best usage of ventilation systems.

Solutions: HVAC and nurse communication products

Health Facilities Management Magazine featured our Atherion® Packaged Ventilation System as a recommend product.

Customers Can Now Connect With Approved And Trusted Modine Contractors Through Authorized Contractor Program

Thanks to Stockhouse for spreading the news about the Modine Authorized Contractor locator. We’re making it easy to connect customers to trusted Modine contractors.

How Tech Is Making Commercial HVAC Greener

Learn how HVAC technology is becoming greener in this Green Lodging News article by Joseph Ellison, Modine Sales Manager, Engineered Products.

Modine HVAC Launches IAQ Technology Upgrade for School Systems

Modine has partnered with Global Plasma Solutions to deploy a patented, auto-cleaning, needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology that combats airborne pathogens and particulates to provide a safer and healthier classroom environment.

Modine Delivers IAQ Technology Upgrade for School Products

Indoor air quality is a critical subject as schools reopen this fall and students return to their classrooms. Modine is committed to providing the best commercial HVAC solutions, and with this technology we’re offering educational facilities managers a crucial tool in the ongoing effort to keep students safe.

Everything About HVAC Is Flow

Richard Boothman, Modine Director of North American Sales, has some important things to say about healthy restaurant ventilation during the COVID-19 pandemic in this Modern Restaurant Management article.

Modine Delivers IAQ Technology Upgrade for School Products

Modine now offers a state-of-the-art technology upgrade for our major school projects that ensures high-quality indoor air quality (IAQ) for students returning to in-person classes following pandemic-related closures.

Supply Line: Essential Product Knowledge

Lodging Magazine spotlighted the Atherion ® D Commercial Air Unit in its Supply Line feature.

Modine Manufacturing Co.: Bipolar Ionization

ACHR The News featured the NPBI™ plug-and-play kits for Modine school products. Modine has partnered with Global Plasma Solutions to deploy a patented, auto-cleaning, needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) solution to ensure health indoor air quality (IAQ) for students.

Why Heater Placement Matters in the Greenhouse

In a commercial greenhouse environment, the placement of unit heaters makes all the difference when it comes to heating efficiency and dependability. Read more from Product Manager Jamie Tuinstra in Greenhouse Grower Magazine.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between HVAC Performance & Sustainability

When it comes to finding the right HVAC system for your building, it can be challenging to find the right balance between high-quality performance and meeting sustainability goals.

Modine Granted New Hot Gas Reheat System Patent

We were granted a patent for the Hot Gas Reheat System used in our Atherion Commercial Packaged Ventilation Units. This is just another way we’re able to deliver a more efficient HVAC system for our clients.

Modine to Showcase Building Connectivity at AHR Expo 2019

We were proud to showcase our Atherion, Airedale and Effinity products and their connectivity capabilities at the 2019 AHR Expo.

Strengthening the Relationship Between Manufacturers and Distributors

Modine Marketing Communication Manager Kimberly Raduenz talks about the importance of improving communication and partnerships between manufacturers and distributors.

Modine Announces 2019 Innovation Tour

The 2019 Modine Innovation Tour gave many HVAC professionals and engineers the opportunity to see some of our newest products in person!

Bridging the Gap Between HVACR Distributors and Manufacturers

Manufacturers and distributors may often feel separated, but we focus on creating strong partnerships and relationships with our distributor network.

Cooling Showcase: 2019 New Commercial Products

Modine was featured in the 2019 ACHR The News Cooling Showcase!

Comfort and Efficiency Challenge the Air Movement Industry

Designing a forced-air system for proper air movement and efficiency is a challenge faced by multiple players in the HVAC industry.

Refrigeration Showcase 2019

Our products were featured in the 2019 ACHR The News Refrigeration Showcase!

Working on HVAC for Prisons Requires Focus on Security

Many prisons in the United States lack air conditioning, with 13 of the 15 hottest states lacking universal air conditioning in their prisons. But recent lawsuits might change that, forcing states to invest in air conditioning in their prisons. ACHR spoke with Jason Gillis, Modine sales engineer, about a recent contract with Kinross Correctional Facility.

Inside Modine’s Testing Facilities

“Engineering high quality products is not an accident, nor do they make it to market directly from the engineers drafting boards. They have to be tested in real world conditions while under a microscope. Take a peek into this rarely seen world, you might just learn something new.” In this podcast, hvac360’s host interviewed Modine Engineering Manager Dennis Mueller and Test Engineering Supervisor Mike Clement.

Why Consistency is Critical in Greenhouse Heating

Heating a commercial greenhouse has a lot in common with the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” It’s about keeping the temperature even and consistent throughout the space — not too hot, not too cold, just right. Read more from Product Manager Jamie Tuinstra at Greenhouse Grower.

Modine Hydronic Unit Heater: Small on Size, Big on Efficiency

The Modine Lodronic unit heater was featured in this issue of HVAC and Plumbing News. More efficient than traditional hydronic heating systems, the Lodronic units are designed to work with high-efficiency boilers.

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