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Be Proactive with Fall Maintenance

As the warmth of summer is coming to an end, the approach of fall is just around the corner. To prepare your commercial HVAC system for the upcoming season, taking a proactive approach to maintenance is crucial.

Investing time in ensuring the smooth operation of your HVAC unit can prevent major breakdowns at inconvenient times. Now is the opportune moment to avoid being blindsided by costly repairs during the fall and winter months.

At Modine, we provide our customers with comprehensive operating manuals outlining best practices for servicing and maintaining our units. Here are several key areas to focus on during your inspection:

  1. Clean Heating Equipment: Best practice dictates cleaning the heating system to ensure its functionality. Owners should meticulously clean combustion chambers, eliminating any byproducts. Clearing cabinets of debris that could impede equipment operation is also crucial. Furthermore, it’s essential to clean electrical connections.
  2. Check Gas Pressure: At the start of the heating season, verifying gas pressure is vital. Maintaining the proper gas pressure ensures the unit delivers its rated heating capacity without being overfired, thus prolonging the unit’s lifespan.

In summary, regular HVAC maintenance, including the heating systems, is paramount to sustaining optimal system performance. HVAC technicians should conduct comprehensive inspections to minimize or entirely prevent breakdowns.

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