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As a global leader in thermal management, Modine operates two state-of-the-art testing facilities at its World Headquarters in Racine, WI, and at its European Headquarters in Bonlanden, Germany. These facilities give us the capability of putting our technologies to the test in simulated environments. Our labs are third-party certified and ensure our HVAC solutions deliver comfort. Our expertise in research and development coupled with our exclusive history give commercial HVAC users the confidence they need to keep their systems running year round.


Split Room Climate Chambers – Dedicated air-to-air split rooms for testing DX classroom products like the ClassMate®. Meets AHRI 210/240 and 390 standards.

Geothermal Climate Chamber – Dedicated geothermal lab for our classroom geo solutions like the SchoolMate®. Meets ANSI/AHRI/ASHRAE ISO Standard 13256-1 and 13256-2.

Semi-Anechoic Sound Room – Sound is a major issue for schools. We now have the capability to provide reliable data from our world-class laboratory.

Ventilation Test Cell – Capable of temperatures from -40°F to 140°F and relative humidity of 10-90%, this cell is used for testing packaged rooftop equipment. Meets AHRI 340/360 and CSA C747-06 standards.

Refrigeration Lab – Modine makes its own coils, including the CF coil. These groundbreaking technologies are invented and proven here.

Heating Lab – Unitary heating products are validated here. Meets ANSI Z83.8/CSA 2.6, ANSI Z21.47/CSA2.3 and ANSI Z83.20/CSA 2.34 standards.

Wind Tunnel – Capable of duplicating almost any location on Earth: up to 520 tons of cooling capacity; replicates 96% of the sun’s UV rays; generates temperatures of -20°F to 131°F. Meets AHRI 340/360 and CSA C746-06 standards.

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