High-Output Medium Wave Electric Heater

High-Output Medium Wave Electric Heater

Effectively heat almost any space with a variety of lamp and chassis options

The MEL Series is a high wattage, commercial-grade electric heater offering. A great choice for spot heating and outdoor patios, the MEL series can accommodate a wide variety of heating needs. Heaters are equipped with a specially designed reflector for optimal radiant heat output and optional wall mounting brackets allow adjustment of the heating direction.

High-output medium wave elements produce a mild white light while operating. Light is visible on walls and at the ground level, but is around 30% less bright than a typical short wave element. However, high-output medium wave elements have an output equal to their short wave counterparts, making them the preferred choice for spot heating, outdoor patios, and other applications where more heat is required but the short wave elements’ intense brightness is not.

  • High-end quality and compact, aesthetic design
  • Black powder-coated housing
  • Single, double, or triple lamp models
  • Gold-colored anodized aluminum reflectors reduce light glare
  • High temperature nylon louvered end caps

Available Models:

  • Single Elements
  • Double Elements
  • Triple Elements


  • Mounting Kit
  • Element Guards
  • Wall Mounting Brackets

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