MEQ Electric Infrared Unit Heater

MEQ Electric Infrared Unit Heater

Extend your patio season with the MEQ. This heater features a high-performance Tungsten element with advanced light filtering coating to take the edge off on cool evenings. With a powered-coated extruded Aluminum body, on board controls and power outputs up to 4800w, the MEQ is the perfect solution for restaurants, vestibules, rooftops, or backyard patios.

  • High-intensity, low light Tungsten bulb that supplies instantaneous, directional heat for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Evenly distributed heat that is practically unaffected by windy environments
  • Electrically efficient radiant heat reduces wasted energy by warming people and objects and not the air between them
  • Powder coated extruded aluminum body resists corrosion and deformation over time
  • Built-in controls with remote
  • Completely silent operation


  • MEQ15A01: 1500 watts, 120 volts, 12.5 amps, 5,115 btus, width 27.6 in, height 6.6 in
  • MEQ30A12: 2250/3000 watts, 208/240 volts, 10.8/12.5 amps, 7,673/10,230 btus, width 39.6 in, height 6.6 in
  • MEQ48A12: 3605/4800 watts, 208/240 volts, 17.3/20amps, 12,293/16,368 btus, width 46.3, height 6.6 in

Heat Coverage Patterns

  • MEQ15A01: width 7’ (2.1m), depth 6’ (1.8m), height 6’7” (2.0m)
  • MEQ30A12: width 9’ (2.7m), depth 8’ (2.4m), height 8’ (2.4m)
  • MEQ48A12: width 11′ (3.4m), depth 9′ (2.8m), height 9’ (2.8m)

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