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Horizontal Oil-Fired Unit Heater

Horizontal Oil-Fired Unit Heater

Modine POR oil-fired unit heaters offer an efficient and reliable way of heating a space, particularly in regions where supplies of other fuels, such as natural gas, may be unavailable, undependable, or interruptible. The units are direct driven propeller fan-type units designed for overhead suspension and horizontal delivery of heated air. Time-tested and field-proven components are engineered into the design of these compact units, which produce comfort heating at the lowest cost through their highly efficient operation.

Models are UL-listed and require fuel oil grade No. 1 or 2, as specified by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D396-73 Standard Specifications for Fuel Oils or Canadian Government Specification Board, 3-GP-28.

  • Advanced burner and burner controls with the latest in burner and burner control technology.
  • Durable, attractive casting design is treated for protection against corrosion.
  • Quiet, efficient, and safe air move with propeller fan statically balanced and motor resiliently mounted to the figure-proof fan guard.
  • Effective heat throw and coverage are controlled by manual adjustments of standard horizontal louver blades.
  • Superior life expectancy due to corrosion-resistant, 14-gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger and the roll-formed design of the heat exchanger.
  • All units are factory-assembled, wired, and fire tested before shipment, making them ready to be installed once they get to the job site.
  • Reduced maintenance, easy-to-service with a convenient inspection port, and service door opening.
  • Supplied with a 1/8” MPT connector and screw terminals.
  • Oil Safety Valve – Protects the burner pump from excessive line pressure. The maximum inlet pressure is 60 PSIG.
  • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA
  • Three model sizes available
  • Output range from 100,000, 145,000, and 185,000 Btu/hr


  • Low-Voltage Thermostats – Single-stage, 24-volt.
  • Thermostat Guard – protect from damage or tempering.
  • Booster Pump Relay – Used to control booster pump operation in the oil supply system. Factory set to close contacts at 50 PSIG with a maximum allowable pressure of 150 PSIG.
  • Fuel Oil Filter – Protects oil burner from foreign particles.
  • Vertical Louvers – Used in combination with standard horizontal louvers for complete control of air delivery.
  • Draft Regulator – Barometric type with screw adjustments and hinge-pin action. Designed for precise control of drafts.
  • Outside Combustion Air Kit – Kit converts the burner to accept outside combustion air piping. Includes adapter, gaskets, vacuum relief valve, outside intake air hood, and other miscellaneous hardware.

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