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Cabinet Unit Heaters

Steam/Hot Water Cabinet Unit Heaters

Modine cabinet unit heaters effectively make each area serve an independent heating zone. Through thermostatic control of heater operations, conditions can change to suit diverse requirements or activities. Optional controls along with outside and return-air dampers are available to provide for ventilation and recirculation of room air.

Modine cabinet unit heaters are available in a choice of two models and eight sizes to properly match units to job requirements. This versatility eliminates compromising architecture or design. Reusing existing piping and/or wiring can offer significant cost savings during building modernizations.

  • One-Piece cabinet top and sides formed from a single sheet of 18-gauge steel, reducing the number of parting lines common to multi-piece construction.
  • Partition panels and back sheet are die-formed from a single sheet of 18-gauge steel, offering precision fit and alignment of all internal components and maximum cabinet rigidity.
  • Cabinet unit heaters utilize five to eight structural elements in the basic cabinet that are fixture-aligned and welded.
  • Easy access reduces costs and installation time; two cabinet end pockets provide ample space for convenient installation of piping and electrical wiring.
  • The entire unit is treated for the prevention of rust and corrosion and finished with a tan-colored durable polyester powder-coat paint.
  • Quick-change permanent filters are removable without tools. Cleanable filters are standard.
  • Sound dampening insulation on all front panels.
  • Blower platform, blower, and blower motor on all sizes are removable as a single unit.
  • A direct drive, multi-speed, shaded pole motor with built-in thermal overload protection powers the forward curved aluminum blower wheels. Right hand electrical as factory standard.
  • Solid-state infinite speed control with off position.
  • Tilt-type access doors are standard.
  • All coils used in cabinet heaters use copper tube, aluminum fin construction with sweat connections. Tubes are mechanically expanded into integral fin collars. Return bends and joints are silver alloy brazed and the coil is pressure-tested to 200 psi pressure. Field reversible coils allow piping to be made for left or right side connection, with left-hand piping as factory standard
  • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA
  • 2,3, & 4 row high capacity coils
  • Exposed floor mounted unit
  • Exposed wall or ceiling mounted unit
  • Recesses (full or partial) wall or
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Standard EC motor with 3-speed switch
  • High static PSC motor & high static EC motor
  • Plug-in motor allows removal of motor or fan board without unwiring
  • Disconnect switch DPST toggle switch
  • Unit mounted return air thermostat
  • Front panel tamper proof fasteners with tools
  • Key lock on access doors
  • Reference AIR11-160 for Air Inlet Options, Air Outlet Options by model


  • Manual starter
  • Two & three way electric value
  • Modulating non-electric value
  • Perma-lap frames
  • Aquastat

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