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Commercial Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Effinity™ with Building Management System Integration (PTC/BTC)

Modine’s Effinity™ unit heater line is the most efficient gas-fired, condensing unit heater in North America. With ten model sizes available – from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr – operating at up to 97% efficiency, the Effinity will dramatically lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Additionally, three blower sizes are available on models 215-310, for even greater savings.

Fuel Savings — At up to 97% efficiency, Modine’s Effinity line is the most efficient condensing unit heater in North America. This allows you to save those otherwise wasted energy dollars for yourself.

Dependable and Consistent Performance —Thanks to Modine’s Conservicore Technology®, corrosion concerns are eliminated, extending the life of your investment.

Gentle Air Circulation and Even Temperatures —The Effinity guards against mold and maintains uniform wall-to-wall temperatures with consistent air circulation.

Safer Environments — Harmful combustion fumes are vented outside, away from your plants.

American-Made Quality — All products are still proudly made in the USA.

Greener Solutions — Just one Effinity can lower CO2 output by thousands of pounds annually.

  • Condensate pump, mounting kit, and a PH neutralizing kit
  • Stainless steel primary heat exchanger
  • Building Management System Integration with Energy Saver Standard
  • GFCI Surge protection adapter plug for service
  • 30, 60 and 90 degree air deflector hoods
  • A selection of room thermostats
  • Two-point mounting kit
  • Horizontal and vertical concentric vent kits
  • Finger-proof fan guard
  • Conversion kits for natural gas and propane, including high-altitude kits
  • Blowers available on models 215-310