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Infrared Heaters

High Intensity

Modine’s high intensity ceramic infrared heater is approved for indoor unvented installation. It does not utilize a fan, thus eliminating noise and draft distractions. Gas and power connections are simple and maintenance is inexpensive, since there are no moving parts to maintain. Available controls include Direct Spark Ignition, Self-Generating Millivolt, and Intermittent
Pilot (non-100% shut-off).

  • Increased temperature and surface area to provide maximum heat transfer while maintaining lower gas input ratings
  • Efficiently direct radiant heat to the desired area, for increased comfort over wider areas
  • Provides support for simple chain mounting
  • Eliminates fan noise, drafts, maintenance and reduces electrical energy costs
  • Wide input range to accommodate a variety of heating requirments
  • Maximize aplication flexibility
  • Accomodate a wide range of elctrcal inputs
  • Allows convenient access to gas valve, control system, transformer, and gas orifices, increasing ease of installation service
  • Eliminates the removal of the unit from its mounted position for service
  • Assures that the unit conforms to national safety standards
  • Allows for quick and easy field modifications for unit to use propane gas and/or operate at elevations for up to 7,00 feet above sea level

  • High temperature cordierite-based grooved ceramic tiles with perforations along both the top and bottom of the grooves
  • Polished aluminum reflectors
  • 16 gauge aluminized steel frame
  • No air mover is utilized
  • Input ranges from 30,000 BTU/hr through 160,000 BTU/hr in natural or propane gas
  • Direct spark or self-energizing standing pilot ignition
  • 115V, 25V or millivolt controls
  • Externally-mounted controls
  • Burners are replaced by removing one fastener
  • CSA design certificiation for indoor, unvented operation in commercial and industrial installations
  • Propane and/or high altitude kits for field conversions