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You Say Efficiency, Modine Says Effinity

10 reasons contractors should consider the most efficient unit heater on the continent

For some companies, reducing carbon emissions is a moral imperative. For others, reducing carbon emissions just makes good economic sense. Fewer emissions means your heating system is operating in efficiently or using less fuel to begin with. The Modine Effinity unit heater models take it to the next level. Efficiencies start at 93 percent; certain models can reach upwards of 97 percent. Here are 10 reasons contractors, architects and engineers should consider an Effinity for your greenhouse, warehouse or other heating application.

  1. The Effinity (model PTC) unit is the most efficient gas-fired condensing unit heater available in the United States.
  2. Rebates and tax breaks are available through federal and state energy-efficiency incentives.
  3. Energy-saver controls are standard on all models. This means the gas controls automatically adjust in accordance with environmental conditions and temperatures.
  4. Annual gas savings are between $300 or $900 per unit, depending on the location and climate.
  5. At the high end, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by nearly 15,000 pounds. That’s the carbon dioxide-reduction power of planting 170 trees per year.
  6. The Effinity BTU capacities are similar to models that operate at efficiencies of only 80 percent.
  7. The standard contractor convenience package allows for easy installation and includes external thermostat connections and a built-in overflow condensate switch.
  8. Ten model sizes are available depending on the desired use. Our Effinity unit heaters range from 55,000 to 310,000 BTU per hour.
  9. Blowers are available on some models to ensure better heat distribution.
  10. We offer an Effinity mobile payback calendar application that can be used by engineers and contractors to determine return on investment, annual savings and pollutant reduction.

Keep in mind that while the energy savings and equivalent carbon dioxide reductions mentioned above are indeed impressive, many projects require more than one Effinity. Multiply accordingly and the savings and environmental protections are even more notable.

Plant a forest or install an Effinity. It’s your choice. We recommend the latter.

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