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Modine Patio Heaters Extend the Outdoor Dining Season

Our infrared heaters are efficient and aesthetically pleasing for patio dining options

Patio dining when it’s freezing? Absolutely, if a Modine infrared patio heater is at work.

Americans like to eat outside when eating at restaurants, and they spend more money when doing so, according to some surveys of American dining habits.

The economics of the outdoor dining scene is dependent, of course, on weather and geography. An infrared heater like the Modine High Intensity Patio Heater can both prolong and jumpstart the outdoor dining season. Northeastern restaurants report that outdoor dining and drinking begins an upswing when temperatures rise above 50 degrees. That might be a tad nippy for Southerners, but with an outdoor patio heater, restaurants in some temperate regions could conceivably offer outdoor dining options all year. When people sit outside, they tend to drink more, too. Do you know how most full-service restaurants make their best margins? Take a shot. Yes, it’s the sale of alcohol.

It’s not unusual for restaurants to offer gas fireplaces or even fire pits to entice diners outdoors when it gets cold outside. They are inefficient and can be unattractive, however. Big propane tanks can mar the aesthetic, and a lot of heat is up and out of the outdoor seating area as soon as it’s released.

Our infrared heaters, however, concentrate their energy in whatever direction they are pointing. They actually heat objects, not the air. The heat from a Modine infrared heater is instantaneous.

Our patio heaters connect directly to a gas line, minimizing their aesthetic impact. They also come in aluminized or brushed stainless steel housings.

If you are a wiser, frugal sort who prefers dining at home, there’s another application for our infrared patio heaters we must mention: They work great on home patios and porches, too!

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