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Infrared Heater

Modine has two infrared heaters: Low Intensity and high intensity. Our single-burner, positive pressure, low-intensity infrared heater has a water-resistant control compartment for weather protection. This allows for indoor or outdoor installation. Our high-intensity, ceramic, outdoor infrared heater does not use a fan. This eliminates noise and drafts, and makes maintenance simple and inexpensive.

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  • Low Intensity

    Low Intensity

    Modine's single-burner positive pressure infrared heater is approved for vented or unvented commercial and industrial applications.

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  • High Intensity

    High Intensity

    Modine’s high intensity ceramic infrared heater is approved for indoor unvented installation. It does not utilize a fan, thus eliminating noise and draft distractions.

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  • High Intensity Patio Heater

    High Intensity Patio Heater

    Modine's high quality and stylish high intensity patio heater is designed to provide outdoor heating comfort to keep your outdoor living space available even when the weather gets colder.

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