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Spring Forward on Maintenance

Spring is here! As the weather warms, it’s time to perform regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance before summer arrives. When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, spring maintenance can help improve operating efficiency and ensure your unit is ready for the summer — keeping its cool when things heat up.

Proper maintenance can also save money and prevent untimely breakdowns and repairs during extreme weather conditions. Modine provides detailed operating manuals on how to best service and maintain your system. In addition, you can download our handy Spring Maintenance Guide.

Here are a few tips to help check potential problem areas.

  • Filter: Watch for visually restricted or plugged spots. Airflow likely will be reduced if you don’t change your filters regularly. This puts more pressure on the overall HVAC system, leading to excessive energy use and wear and tear on fan motors and other components.
  • Belts: Check for signs of aging and disrepair, including stretched, frayed or out-of-alignment belts. Such issues can result in poor or no airflow, frosting/icing of evaporator coils and the failure of compressor parts.
  • Electrical Components: Check electrical components for signs of wear (frays and discoloration) and ensure all connections are tight. Among the possible consequences of neglect are excessive energy use and premature component failure.
  • Coils: Keep indoor (evaporator) and outdoor (condenser) coils clean of dirt, dust and debris. Lack of cleaning could lead to failed electrical parts, motors or compressors.
  • Drain pans: Poor drainage can wreak havoc to the HVAC unit itself and cause water damage in nearby areas of your facility. Thoroughly flush all drain pans and traps to remove any buildup and ensure they are clear and free flowing.

In general, something is wrong if your system isn’t providing its intended cooling. But problems aren’t always obvious. Regular maintenance can identify and prevent potential concerns—before they become major problems—to keep your Modine HVAC unit operating reliably and at peak performance throughout the year.

Property owners, facility managers and contractors can all benefit by performing a few simple steps. Now is the time to spring into action!