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Join Modine’s Authorized Contractor Program to Grow Your Business

With winter’s chill nearly gone and summer’s heat and humidity still a couple months away, many contractors consider spring a dead zone for business — but it doesn’t have to be!

Since HVAC is less of a priority right now for homeowners, it’s an excellent time for HVAC contractors to focus on building their businesses. While waiting for the installation and service lull to pass, joining Modine’s Authorized Contractor Program can put you ahead of the game when the busy season hits.


Four Benefits of Modine’s Authorized Contractor Program 

There’s a shortage of qualified, licensed HVAC contractors that can address the complex technical requirements of HVAC unit heaters. And homeowners need assurance their garages, workshops, patios, and more will remain consistently comfortable. The Authorized Contractor Program is an opportunity to address this gap, improving HVAC contractors’ business operations and increasing homeowner satisfaction with HVAC solutions.  

Modine’s Authorized Contractor Program is an exclusive opportunity for HVAC contractors that work with Modine’s industry-leading technology, including the Hot Dawg® Series units – (available in propeller, blower and separated combustion 30-125 MBH) and our Exclusive Hot Dawg® H20 series units (30 & 45 MBH). Our comprehensive program offers a range of benefits, such as decreasing your time to market with any Modine-related offerings. 


1. Connect with qualified leads through our Contractor Locator. 

Homeowners can use a simple form on our website, entering their zip code to locate an authorized Modine contractor. It’s a painless process that connects homeowners looking for assistance with an HVAC contractor in their area. When contractors apply to be part of the program, they enter how far they’re willing to travel to provide HVAC services, ensuring homeowners connect with HVAC contractors ready to install, service, or repair their HVAC units. 

The leads come to you, freeing time to focus on existing customers. Best of all, these leads are free, come from a trusted manufacturer, and can start rolling in as soon as your application is approved. 

2. Access Modine partner marketing materials. 

Modine understands that you’re running a business, which takes time, energy, and resources. The last thing you want is to add the creation of marketing materials to your responsibilities. Fortunately, when you’re part of our Authorized Contractor Program, we’ll take care of that for you, saving you time and money. 

3. Offer your customers an exclusive additional one-year warranty, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Extend Modine’s exceptional warranty by one year for your customers. Giving your customers confidence in their HVAC solutions adds value. Offering a better-than-best warranty is priceless, especially since it gives your business a distinct competitive advantage.   

4. Receive priority technical support from Modine’s service team so your business can run seamlessly.

Modine always puts its partners first. Should any technical challenges arise while you’re part of the Authorized Contractor Program, you get access to a dedicated support network of HVAC specialists to help troubleshoot, answer questions, and, ultimately, keep your business running smoothly. 

Apply for Modine’s Authorized Contractor Program

HVAC contractors ready to take their business to the next level can apply to become a Modine-authorized contractor by filling out a brief form. It’s 100% free to apply as long as you maintain legal licensing to install and service HVAC units in your area. Use spring’s slowdown to speed up your business for seasons to come!