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School districts can have their hands full keeping up with the maintenance and utility needs of educational facilities. It can be challenging to keep students and teachers comfortable without breaking the bank. In fact, operating an inefficient HVAC system year-round can eat up to 30% of a school facility’s energy costs.

Modine is here to help. Our near-silent air conditioning systems, like the Airedale ClassMate DX Cooling and Heat Pump, help teachers keep their cool and students stay comfortable and on task in quieter classrooms.

Our horizontal unit ventilators were made for environments like the classroom. The Airedale Varsity® unit ventilators deliver significant noise reduction, are more efficient and durable, and offer you convenient serviceability. Your unit ventilator also comes with Modine Controls Systems, providing efficient programming and easy compatibility with your building management system.

Whether you have a new school or need to retrofit heating, cooling, and ventilation into your school, Modine School Systems can bring continuous comfort to the classroom. Our vertical packages include a unit ventilator, water/ground source heat pump unit, and DX HVAC heat pump. These cooling and heating units are designed for greater efficiency, less noise, and easy service and installation.


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