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Vertical Packaged HVAC Systems

Airedale ClassMate® with STUDY Package

The STUDY package was designed to offer excellent acoustical performance and achieve the highest standard of noise reduction in the classroom. Offered with the ClassMate® single package vertical unit, this combination sets the bar high for acoustical performance. 

Modine conducted extensive sound attenuation research to develop this noise reducing feature. The result of this testing was the redesigned cabinet to reduce air flow velocity and redesign baffle for improved air flow path.


  • Meets The LEED background noise pre-requisite

  • Up to 7dB(A) improvement

  • Redesigned acoustic plenum to improve noise reduction

  • Redesigned air flow reduced velocity through side grills

  • Patent-pending baffle design adds significant value without sacrificing performance of the base unit

  • Providing laminar airflow to a space without requiring additional ductwork