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Hydronic Unit Heaters

Power Throw Hydronic (PT)

Power-Throw™ horizontal delivery unit heaters are ideal for heating large buildings where a number of smaller units can be replaced by a few larger Power-Throw™ units. This results in a more economical installation. Their high velocity air delivery results in the greatest heat throw available. Power-Throw™ units are also ideally suited for blanketing doors that frequently open.

  • Horizontal and Power-Throw™ units are furnished with louvers for directional control of heated air. Vertical units are available with various louver, truncone, and cone-jet deflector options to accommodate many different air distribution patterns.
  • Units are available as low outlet temperature (LOT) models. LOT models have coils with fewer fins per inch to reduce the output rating. This is a benefit for applications where the steam pressure exceeds 30 PSI and mounting height is critical; the lower output results in outlet air temperatures that approximate that of standard coils at standard steam pressure. LOT models are also well suited for dirty environments where the increased fin spacing decreases the build-up of foreign particles. Finally, LOT models offer lower airside resistance resulting in greater allowable mounting heights and greater heat throw.
  • Vertical and Power-Throw™ units are available with 90/10 cupro-nickel coils for high pressure/temperature applications, up to 250 PSI or 400°F.
  • Side piping connections on the HC horizontal air delivery model allow for low clearance installations.
  • Explosion-proof motors are available for use in hazardous areas.
  • Design assures the correct relationship between air temperature, velocity, and air volume for greater heat throw; air is delivered to the floor at maximum mounting height, increasing comfort and reducing fuel costs.
  • Units are compact and lightweight, requiring fewer contractor hours to install.
  • All units include an electrical junction box, either integral to the motor or mounted on the unit casing, to allow for easy electrical connections.
  • All motors are totally enclosed. All single phase and explosion-proof motors include internal overload protection to protect the motor from insulation damaging heat, resulting in longer motor life.
  • Different suspension options are available for most units including threaded rod or pipe hanger adapters.
  • All units are component tested for proper motor function and the coils are leak tested under pressure to ensure proper function when the unit arrives at the jobsite.
  • Fins on all units are vertical to limit build-up of foreign particles, prolonging periods between cleanings. Fins on vertical and Power-Throw™ units are exposed for easy cleaning.
  • Quiet operation is assured through the use of carefully selected motors, fans, and scientifically designed venturi fan shrouds.
  • HSB and HC models have squared off corners for a clean, defined appearance. Vertical and Power-Throw™ units have a pleasing circular symmetry.
  • Casings are treated for corrosion resistance and finished with a neutral gray-green baked-on, electrostatically applied polyester powder coat paint finish.

  • All models through PT/PTN 279 have hanger brackets with 5/8" diameter hanger holes for 3-point suspension.
  • All models larger than PT/PTN 279 have hanger brackets with 5/8" diameter hanger holes for 2-point suspension and angle supports for 4-point suspension.
  • Air distribution is controlled by a standard adjustable position horizontal louver assembly.
  • The air stream can be concentrated into a high velocity jet or broadened to cover a greater area.
  • Fan blades are properly balanced and pitched to move large volumes of high velocity air at relatively low sound levels.