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Atherion: Efficient and versatile for all climates

The Atherion is the ideal fresh-air solution regardless of your climate

Efficiency, versatility are Atherion’s hallmarks

In some ways, we’ve become victims of our own efficiencies.

Modern buildings are so air-tight for the sake of energy savings that air can stagnate and force people to breathe less than ideal air. In commercial or industrial settings, this can impact worker productivity. Sure, these spaces can be ventilated, but that just dumps heated or cooled air outside in an obvious waste of money.

Contractors and their customers need a way to bring fresh air into a space without breaking the bank. They also need a reliable fresh-air solution that can perform in a range of environments, from the humid heat of the Southeast to the dry heat of the desert West and the frigid conditions of the upper Midwest.

Enter the Modine Atherion system, our flagship dedicated outdoor air rooftop unit. These units can serve a heating, cooling and recycling purpose. Our three cabinet types – a brand new D cabinet is now available to order – offer cooling capacities ranging from 7 to 60 tons.

And these machines are smart.  The Atherion can be customized to meet the outside air ventilation needs based on climate. Their unit control systems can monitor outdoor air conditions and compressor action and adjust settings to most efficiently dehumidify, heat or cool the air entering a building. But its main use is as a dedicated outside air system, and it has applications in the hospitality market as well as the commercial and industrial space.

Historically, hotels and office buildings featured small rooftop HVAC units that could bring in only 10 to 20 percent outdoor air. The trend now, driven largely by the ASHRAE 62.1 standard for indoor air quality and ventilation, is to decouple the ventilation function from main heating and cooling units, which have difficulty handling high humidity, and let dedicated outdoor air systems handle makeup air.

These outdoor air systems, like the Atherion, also possess much better performance controls to maximize efficiencies.

And our systems continuously improve, thanks in part to our state-of-the-art testing labs at our headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin.

This allows us to further ensure you can bring in fresh air, meet building codes and maintain a healthy work environment without breaking the bank.

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