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Looking for an HVAC career? Think Modine

On June 22, we celebrate National HVAC Tech Day, honoring the hard-working experts who help keep residences and businesses safe and comfortable.

Employment in the HVAC industry isn’t just confined to working for contractors and servicing home AC units, though. Many young people considering a career may not realize that the development and manufacturing of high-end commercial and residential HVAC equipment is a high-talent, high-technology occupation.

Modine’s thermal management technology continues to grow more sophisticated, creating units that are more energy-efficient and intelligent. The future of HVAC is “smart,” requiring the integration of control systems that allow units to communicate with each other and provide real-time diagnostic and operational information.

HVAC Recruitment

Rooftop factory certified training

How can young people learn more about career opportunities in HVAC manufacturing? At Modine, we use our internship, apprenticeship, and co-op programsto provide students in college or technical school real-life experience in thermal management. We use the programs to continually bring new talent into our company.

Students can use the opportunity to find out if a career in thermal management manufacturing is right for them. Instead of being confined to prospective engineers, Modine interns can receive hands-on training across our HVAC, IT, product development, procurement, and finance departments. The approach works. About 80 percent of our interns end up finding permanent jobs with our company.

Continual Training

Training on the Innovation Tour truck

Our commitment to the HVAC industry doesn’t stop with just recruiting students. Modine focuses on expanding the knowledge and skill of professionals across the industry. Modine University gives HVAC professionals the opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of our technology, products and industry. We also take our educational show on the road through our Innovation Tour, which provides on-site training and continuing education at locations around North America.

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