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Infrared Technology Provides Cost-Effective Heating

Traditional forced-air heating systems aren’t perfect for every setting. They might not fit the needs of large indoor spaces like warehouses or hangars or places exposed to the elements.

high intensity infrared heater
High Intensity Infrared Heater

There are alternatives. Unlike traditional heaters that direct energy toward the air, Modine’s energy-efficient infrared heaters provide warmth to surrounding objects instead of heating the air. The technology uses less energy than forced-air heating and provides quicker, more even heat distribution.

Gas-fired infrared heaters can be as much as 50% more energy efficient than traditional heating methods. With low installation costs and simple maintenance, they can provide a useful alternative for heating needs.

Multiple Applications

Low Intensity Infrared Heater
Low Intensity Infrared Heater

To meet the needs of multiple uses, Modine offers two types of infrared heaters: 

  • Our low-intensity, positive-pressure infrared heaters are single-burner and offer a water-resistant control compartment for weather protection. This allows indoor or outdoor installation. 
  • Our high-intensity, ceramic infrared heaters are approved for indoor unvented installation. They do not use fans, providing quiet operation. With simple gas and power connections and no moving parts, maintenance of the high-intensity heaters is inexpensive.

Infrared technology doesn’t rely on air flow or ventilation for heating. It works by heating objects, like floors and walls, in the direct path of the IR rays produced by the units, which then release the heat into the environment. 

Infrared Patio Heater
Infrared Patio Heater

This can make infrared units perfect for applications such as garages, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, hangars, and other locations. It’s a great way to keep loading docks, as well as other areas where heat escapes easily, comfortable.

Outdoor Comfort

Modine’s infrared heaters aren’t just designed for industrial settings. The stylish OHP Series Patio Heaters are easy to install and can provide unobtrusive outdoor heat in residential or hospitality settings. They can provide a perfect complement to a high-end porch or finished patio.

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