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This Dawg is Really Hot

There’s plenty of people out there who like to tinker in their garages, workspaces and outbuildings. Whether it’s refinishing old furniture, building an engine for that muscle car, or trying to create the next big thing, that extra space out back is where the magic happens.

modine hot dawg unit heater
Hot Dawg Unit Heater

So, when it gets cold outside, those clunky old space heaters come out. But do they have to? At Modine, we say not so fast. The Hot Dawg® gas-fired unit heater is ideal for interior spaces that are not tied into a larger HVAC system, whether it’s in a home or light-industrial environment.

For the Hot Dawg® to function at its optimal level, it needs to be properly installed by a licensed technician. The Modine HVAC website offers a convenient contractor locator to help homeowners find an authorized contractor near them.

The contractor can also select the right size of unit to serve the space. Correctly sizing the Hot Dawg is very important. If a unit is too small, it will have trouble heating the space, and if the unit is too big, it will cycle on and off too frequently, causing drastic changes in room temperature, and making the unit work too hard. To offer the most flexibility, mind, the Hot Dawg® comes in six sizes, from 30,000 to 125,000 BTUs. There are four models to choose from:

  • HD – Standard unit (Propeller fan)
  • HDS – Separated combustion unit (Propeller fan)
  • HDB – Standard unit (Blower motor)
  • HDC – Separated combustion unit (Blower motor)

The separated combustion option draws in air from outside the space being served to use for combustion. This means cleaner air with less humidity and the bonus of increased heating efficiency.

While Modine is known for its large HVAC systems for industrial and commercial buildings, we also understand that quality heating is a necessity for all spaces. The Hot Dawg®, designed with the weekend DIYer in mind, is the perfect way to keep warm on those cold winter days, when you just have to get out into the garage and build that better mousetrap!

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