How to Install a Unit Heater

How to Install a Unit Heater

Leave it to the Professionals

For many homeowners, installing a garage heater on their own may sound easy, but there are a lot of installation factors to consider.

Depending on the type of unit heater you’ve selected, critical installation items will need to be completed to install the heater correctly. Items such as:

  • Properly venting the unit
  • Adding the required fuel piping or water connections
  • Adding your garage heater to your electrical panel

A licensed HVAC contractor will know the critical state and local codes needed for the installation. They will also be able to assist in obtaining the required permits for the job.

Also, many of the manufactures void the warranty if the unit is not installed by a licensed professional.

For Your Safety

For your safety, seek the help of a licensed professional HVAC contractor to install your unit heater.

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