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Make-up Air Systems

Direct Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-up Air (MCV/MVV)

Ideal for applications that require 100% outside air, the direct fired make-up air unit is the perfect fit.  

This unit provides the first-rate efficiency with a 100% thermal efficiency and 92% sensible cooling.
By directly heating the make-up air by a gas flame the need for a heat exchanger is eliminated as well as the efficiency lose that goes with it.  

The MCV & MVV provide maximum application flexibility with input ratings up to 2,100,000 Btu/hr and a wide range of airflow capability from as low as 800 CFM up to 14,000 CFM.

The MCV/MVV Series has been designed to provide value through best-in-class features to simplify installation and reduce maintenance costs.


  • 100% Outside Air
  • Constant Speed Fan


  • 100% Outside Air
  • Variable Speed Fan

Standard Features:

  • Auto-Velocity™ profile system on every unit constantly monitors burner profile pressure drop and automatically adjusts burner air velocity for optimum combustion
  • Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) to simplify operation and minimize cost on Units rated 1125MBH and smaller
  • Foil faced insulation on the cabinet for ease of cleaning
  • Neoprene blower/motor vibration isolation for quiet operation
  • Prewired 10-foot power and control wire harnesses in flexible conduit for speed and ease of field wiring.  Wires are labeled for easy identification on each job specific wiring diagram
  • Floor mounted wiring chase to eliminate the need to drill holes in the floor for routing electrical wiring harnesses to the space

Optional Factory Installed Features:

  • Galvanized steel double wall liners available
  • Side access filter options to ensure delivery of clean air
  • LonWorks or BAC new MS/TP compatible controls for maximum centralized unit control
  • Hinged access doors for easy service access
  • Inlet and/or manifold (burner) gas pressure gauges to view gas pressures without needing to connect a manometer