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Efficient Heating Through Infrared Applications

Patio Heater
Modine High-Intensity Patio Heater

Modine’s engineers are always looking for ways to advance unit heater technology. Recognizing that traditional forced-air heating systems don’t fit every setting, we continue to develop innovative alternatives like our gas-fired infrared heaters.

In contrast to the way traditional heaters work — by directing energy toward the air — these heaters directly heat surrounding objects. Gas-fired infrared heaters are also easy to maintain and have low installation costs.

Flexible Uses

Low-Intensity Infrared Heater
Low-Intensity Infrared Heater

To provide the greatest amount of flexibility for the end-user, Modine manufactures two main types of infrared heaters: 

    • For indoor or outdoor installation, we offer low-intensity, positive-pressure infrared heaters that are single-burner. To protect them against the weather, they include a water-resistant control compartment.
    • For indoor unvented installation, our high-intensity, ceramic infrared heaters offer quiet operation. Because they do not use fans and offer simple gas and power connections and no moving parts, it’s inexpensive to maintain the high-intensity heaters.
Ceramic High-Intensity Infrared Heater
Ceramic High-Intensity Infrared Heater

Infrared units are suited for commercial garages, warehouse, hangars, manufacturing facilities, and other application. They can be used to keep areas where heat dissipates easily, such as loading docks and other areas, comfortable.

How it Works

Infrared technology offers radiant heating like the sun itself. The IR rays heat objects directly in their path, such as walls and floors, which then radiate the heat back into the space. This means there is no need to rely on ventilation or air flow or heating. It offers significant benefits such as quicker and more event heat distribution and requires less energy than forced-air heating.

Modine offers applications for residential and hospitality settings, too. Our high-intensity patio heaters provide comfortable outdoor heat. They are quiet, unobtrusive, and offer easy installation and convenient access to controls, the gas valve and other components.

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