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Being Proactive with Fall Maintenance

While we are enjoying the warm weather that summer brings, fall is right around the corner. One of the best ways to help ensure your commercial HVAC system is working properly for the season is to be proactive with maintenance. 

Taking the time to make sure that everything is operating within your HVAC unit will help prevent major breakdowns at inopportune times. Now is the perfect time to help guarantee you are not caught off guard by costly repairs during the fall or winter months.

At Modine, we supply our customers with operating manuals detailing the best way to service and maintain our units. Below are a few areas to keep an eye on during your inspection:

Modine Atherion Rooftop
Rooftop Maintenance training on the Atherion.
  • Replace air filters: One of the easiest ways to guarantee your HVAC unit is operating at maximum levels is by changing the air filter. To maintain proper airflow, your filters need to be clear of dust, pollen and other particles. When the filter is clogged, it makes the system work harder to compensate, creating a situation that could result in a breakdown or a less efficient unit.
  • Clean the heating equipment: It is a best practice to clean the heating system to make sure it is operational. Owners should clean the combustion chambers of any byproducts. Cabinets should also be cleared of any debris that could interfere with the equipment. Electrical connections should be cleaned as well.
  • Check gas pressure: Checking the gas pressure is also important at the beginning of the heating season. Proper gas pressure will help ensure the unit is providing the rated heating capacity without being overfired, which could reduce the life of the unit.  

Overall, regular maintenance of the HVAC, including the heating systems, is key to keeping your system running at optimal levels. HVAC technicians should perform thorough inspections to help guarantee minimal or no breakdowns occur.