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Atherion vent unit helped improve production, worker safety at Rite Engineering [ Case Study ]

Business was so hot – smoking, in fact – for Rite Engineering. It had to shut down production 10-20 days a year. But the heat was no match for Modine HVAC specialists, who can offer a spectrum of solutions for just such problems.

The Franksville, Wisconsin computer numerical control (CMC) machine shop, founded in 1940, quickly found that growth equals more machines. More machines equal more heat on the plant floor. Shop temperatures regularly reached 108 degrees during the relatively mild Wisconsin summers.

The heat coupled with the smoke and oil mist led to steadily decreasing air quality for Rite Engineering workers. The company shut down due to air quality issues nearly three weeks a year during summer, costing it untold thousands of dollars.

Rite Engineering owner Rick Hennig needed a cooling, heating and ventilation solution, and HVAC leader, Modine, had just the ticket: The Atherion packaged ventilation system, which combines all three functions. One vendor recommended placing individual exhaust hoods over each machine. That solution would cost at least $100,000.

Atherion Packaged Ventilation System
Atherion Packaged Ventilation System

Generally, any system that regularly recycles shop air with exterior fresh air is also considered cost-prohibitive. Rite Engineering proved it could be an affordable solution because it took advantage of the multiple functions offered via the Atherion (“Atherion” refers to mythological air that only gods could breathe) .

Employees immediately noticed the difference. One worker says he even retired his rescue inhaler. Previously, he used it to alleviate asthma and breathing problems due to his working conditions.

Hennig says he’s never before worked in an air-conditioned machine shop and he too hails the benefits of the Atherion solution.

Now, the plant continues regular production during the hottest months. The most valuable aspect of Modine’s HVAC technology is the improved working environment.

“It really makes a better quality of life for the employees. It’s healthier and cleaner.”

And happier and healthier – and cooler – employees are a hot commodity. They deserve to breathe the air of the gods.

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