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Three Things to Know About Modine’s Technical Center in Racine

Modine’s devotion to research and development has long been a building block for the company’s success. Our Modine Technical Center boasts one of the longest private-sector wind tunnels in the country and has been used to test everything from motorcycles to military vehicles.

Semi testing in Modine's Technical Center
Wind tunnels are used to test everything from vehicles to signs.

But there’s a lot more to our research headquarters than an impressive wind tunnel. Here are three quick facts about the Racine Technical Center, which is the heart of Modine’s relentless quest to improve its products through research and development.

1. Extensive testing conditions. Our wind tunnels are used to test full system configurations and understand the impact of air speed on everything from vehicles to signs. We have large climate chambers that can be used to test products under many different environmental conditions. Our engineers can replicate some of the harshest conditions on the planet, from scorching deserts to frigid polar extremes. We can also adjust humidity levels to measure the effect on vehicles, HVAC systems, and other test objects.

Testing the Atherion in the Technical Center
Learn more about how Marquette students tested our Atherion unit here.

2. HVAC testing. Many of our HVAC and refrigeration products undergo testing in the HVAC&R labs. It has multiple testing stations to put our propane and gas-fired products through their paces. Our engineers can control environmental variables to test motor temperature, thermal cycling, condensation, pilot burners, and more. Some HVAC products utilize our Vehicle Test Lab to gauge other performance factors, including air conditioner and heater performance, defrosting, and pressurization.

3. Private and public use. Major American motor vehicle manufacturers have used our labs for everything from testing to filming commercials. We also partner with private and public research studies. We gladly open our space for the sake of scientific advancement across industrial and governmental endeavors. It’s the foundation upon which our company is built, after all.

Major manufacturers have used our testing facilities.

Innovation can’t occur without thorough testing, and Modine is proud to operate one of the premier industrial research and development facilities in the nation.

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