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Check Out Modine’s Advice for Spring HVAC Maintenance

Warm weather is coming. Depending on where you’re located, it might already be time to flip the switch from heating to cooling for your commercial HVAC system. Now is the time to conduct spring maintenance and make sure that when things get hot, your HVAC can keep its cool.

Problems aren’t always obvious. You know your system is broken when it’s not putting out cool air, but problems could also express as less-than-ideal energy use or slower cooling. Maintenance can help address subtle problems before they become big problems.

Download our Spring Maintenance Guide

At Modine, we want to provide property owners, facility managers and contractors with the tools and knowledge to keep their systems operating at optimum capacity, so we offer a free two-page guide to spring maintenance on our website. It covers what to look for, how to correct potential issues, and the possible consequences of neglect.

Here are some areas to check, plus the ways they can fail if you put off maintenance.

  • Filter: If you don’t change your filters regularly, your HVAC system will have to work too hard to pull air through the filter, leading to excessive energy use and wear and tear on your components.
  • Belts: Aging, frayed or out-of-alignment belts can result in poor or no airflow, mechanical failure and frosting/icing of your evaporator coils.
  • Indoor and outdoor coils: Neglecting to clean these components can lead to failed electrical parts, motors or compressors.
  • Drain pans: If you don’t check your drain pans to make sure they are clear and free-flowing, you risk water backing up into the unit and water damage in your facility.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Checking and servicing these parts will help ensure that your system is at its best for summer, and it will save you from some unpleasant surprises and repairs. Neglecting maintenance can also hit you in the pocketbook with higher energy bills.

Want to learn more? We provide more information for free on our website, including product descriptions, a general HVAC maintenance checklist and more.

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