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Unit Heater Sizing

Unit Heater Sizing

Sizing a garage heater is a critical part of the process

Once you’ve decided to heat your garage or workspace, it is essential to select the correct unit size for the space. If your garage heater is too small, it will take a very long time to reach your desired comfort level, if at all. Buying a unit heater that is too big will cycle on and off frequently, creating drastic temperature swings and increasing wear and tear on your unit heater.  Making the wrong selection could end up leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated.

Heat Loss Calculation

A full heat loss calculation by a professional contractor should always be done before purchasing a heater.

This calculation will take into account the buildings’ construction – items such as walls, windows, floors, garage doors, and the ceiling, as well as the amount of insulation used in the space.

These calculations are always done best by a qualified licensed heating professional; many times this will be the same individual to purchase, install, and service your heater.

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