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Bring Your Customers the Power of the Sun with Modine Infrared Heaters

Infrared is excellent for contractors seeking targeted heating

Contractors can provide their customers with heat to a targeted space using energy similar to that of the sun.

Modine infrared heaters are a great and money-saving way for contractors to bring heat to specific areas of a customer’s business, home or patio. Their targeted application in areas such as loading docks or other areas where heat escapes easily means you and your customers save money on installation costs and your customer saves money on electric bills. In some applications, gas-fired infrared heaters are as much as 50 percent more efficient than traditional, more wasteful heating methods. Their low installation costs and relatively easy maintenance also make them an attractive alternative for contractors to traditional heating methods.

“Infrared heaters also maintain a drier atmosphere and operate with a minimum of noise since no blowers are involved”

Modine offers low-intensity and high-intensity infrared heaters, but they both operate on the same concept: invisible infrared rays move molecules, generating heat. Only objects in the direct path of the rays are heated, but they in turn release the heat into the environment. This form of heating doesn’t rely on air flow or ventilation, which tends to kick up dust in the heated space and waste heat. Infrared heaters also maintain a drier atmosphere and operate with a minimum of noise since no blowers are involved. They can be used in enclosed spaces or, if weatherproof, outside spaces that require targeted heat. They can be a perfect touch to a finished patio or high-end porch to add further value to your construction project.

Their unique nature does require some common-sense steps to ensure maximum efficiency and safety, so consult the applicable operations manual before you or your technicians install the units.

Here’s a quick primer on the safe use of infrared heaters as cold weather approaches:

  • Our units are used for patios, warehouse doors, smoking areas and so on, not indoor residential areas.
  • Only professional contractors or licensed technicians should install and maintain an infrared heater.
  • Ensure that there is ample clearance between combustibles and infrared heaters.
  • Make sure any and all gas lines are properly connected before use, and that the gas is approved for use.
  • Ensure the unit is properly vented, if required.
  • Inspect any suspension components used to hang the heater.

Following these simple steps will ensure your customers can harness the power of the sun for their heating needs for years to come.

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