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Six Ways Modine Control Systems Make Your HVAC System Even Better

Our controls are designed to get the most out of your Airedale or Atherion

Modine’s Airedale and Atherion Packaged Ventilation System units are state-of-the-art HVAC systems, but efficiency and economy aren’t their only defining hallmarks. They come with sophisticated control systems that make them remarkably easy to operate, maintain and troubleshoot.

Here are six ways our control systems add value to your HVAC investment:

  • Easy interface. Our intuitive controller interface saves set-up time and makes diagnostics and maintenance much easier than traditional “error code” troubleshooting.
  • Energy savings. Programming capabilities allow for decreased energy use. The units can be programmed to operate, for instance, according to the HVAC demands and needs of the real-time environment.
  • Built to last. Our control systems are engineered to withstand the environmental stresses commonly experienced by rooftop units in the case of the Atherion or classroom units in the case of the Airedale.
  • In-house programming. We program and verify the controls sequences. This limits or eliminates time-consuming updates or changes in the field.
  • Plug-in memory. A “Smart Key” copies all customized programming parameters, allowing for quicker start-up times.
  • Compatibility. Atherion and Airedale control systems are compatible with most commonly used building management  protocols your business or school may already have in place.

Controls systems are as important to efficiency and longevity as the design of the HVAC system itself. Our intuitive, customized systems make the Modine Atherion and Airedale HVAC systems even better investments for contractors and end users alike.

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