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Modine Offers New Authorized Contractor Locator for Residential Unit Heaters

At Modine, we’re always looking out for the end-users of our popular Hot Dawg® unit heater line. With 95% of homeowners starting their customer journey to purchase residential unit heaters online, Modine wants to offer all the information they need about our heaters in one convenient place.

In order to assist homeowners interested in purchasing our garage, workspace and outbuilding heaters, we’ve launched a new homeowner information section on our website that can also aid them in finding the right local contractor to help.

If you’re a homeowner wanting to know more about the Hot Dawg units, visit our website for FAQs, technical information and help finding the right HVAC contractor to install them.

Hot Dawg Details

modine hot dawg unit heater
Hot Dawg Unit Heater

The Hot Dawg is the most popular residentially certified unit heater, which is available in gas-fired and hydronic versions. Offering sizes ranging from 30,000 to 125,000 BTUs, the units are perfect for residential garages and workspaces. The Hot Dawg also offers a separate combustion option to ensure indoor air is clean and safe.

Other features of the units include:

  • Increased heating efficiency
  • Quieter operation than other heating unit brands
  • Blower model (HDB) and separated combustion with blower (HSB) and hydronic options

Contractor Advantages

Hot Dawg Installation
Hydronic Hot Dawg Installation

Are you a contractor who is looking for more residential leads? Consider signing up for our authorized Modine contractor program. Your contact information will be available to homeowners through using the locator app on our website. 

In addition, you’ll get a welcome kit with Modine T-shirts, pens, notepads and informational items. But, it’s about more than just swag. Joining the ranks of our authorized contractors means priority customer service and technical support as well as the ability to offer your residential customers a special 1-year extended warranty on top of Modine’s already exceptional product warranties. That gives you another selling point that your competitors don’t have.

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