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Modine Helps Meet the Needs of Facility Managers

There are no one-size-fits-all heating or cooling solutions for all facilities. No two buildings are the same. That’s why Modine is dedicated to offering facility managers flexible commercial HVAC applications to meet every need.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Atherion® Packaged Ventilation Systems

From dealing with the humidity of balmy Florida to trying to heat frigid outside air during a Midwest winter, facilities can face a wide variety of ventilation needs. Modine’s Atherion® Packaged Ventilation Systems are fully customizable to meet specific ventilation needs of individual facilities, whatever the heating, cooling or dehumidification requirements.

Atherion® units consistently deliver air at tightly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. They can meet 100-percent outside air ventilation requirements, contributing to superior indoor air quality. By decoupling the space latent load from the terminal equipment, Atherion® units lower the strain on a facility’s HVAC system, reducing both wear and tear and energy usage.

High-Efficiency Heating Options

Lodronic Video
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When it comes to flexible heating solutions, Modine has continued to innovate with the launch of our new range of Lodronic low-temperature hot water unit heaters that is designed for use with high-efficiency boilers. Available in six sizes, Lodronic unit heaters are UL 1995-certified. Quieter than comparably-sized hydronic heaters, the units also use 50% less electricity because of smaller fan motors and an advanced high-efficiency coil design. 

Controls Systems

Modine continues to develop advanced integrated controls systems that can give facility managers detailed control over heating and cooling systems. 

HVAC tech effinity bms interface
Modine’s Effinity BMS Interface

Depending on the line, these controls can be accessed through a handheld user interface or a Building Management System (BMS). Compatible with major Building Management System protocols such as BACnet MS/TP or IP and LonWorks, the controls systems offer maximum flexibility for managers. 

The intuitive controls systems are available on Atherion® Commercial Packaged Ventilation products, Airedale Classmate® and other school products, Effinity® unit heaters and the WeatherHawk® indirect fired outdoor make-up air system.

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