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Modine’s Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Units Supply Efficient Ventilation

No two commercial facilities or warehouses have the same, specific ventilation needs. When evaluating HVAC technology, facility managers can’t afford to trust one-size-fits-all solutions that might not work for their commercial spaces. 

Modine is dedicated to providing ventilation and HVAC solutions that can meet the needs of any space, whether through our advanced unit heater technology or make-up air applications.

Our Direct-Fired Make-Up Air MCV/MVV Series targets applications requiring from 800-14,000 cubic feet per minute (CFM) in airflow capability, providing 100% outside air to improve ventilation and indoor air quality. The direct fired make-up air unit provides 100% thermal efficiency (92% sensible.)

direct-fired make-up air unit front
Direct-Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-up Air (MCV/MVV)

High Efficiency Applications

The make-up air is directly heated by a gas flame, eliminating the need for a heat exchanger and boosting efficiency through the elimination of flue losses. The units are typically used to replace air that is being expelled from the building by exhaust fans.

In other circumstances, a make-up air system can be used to positively pressurize a building to offset uncontrolled air infiltration that can put a burden on heating equipment.

Advanced Controls

Direct-Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-up Air (MCV/MVV) Controls
Direct-Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-up Air (MCV/MVV) Controls

The MCV/MVV Series features an optional, easy-to-use, programmable microprocessor controls system that can be used as stand-alone control or directly integrate with a building management system (BMS).    The controls are compatible with major BMS protocols such as BACnet® and LonWorks®. Featuring a customer interface through a handheld display, the controls systems allows setpoints to be set using the interface or via R/W network variables. The controls system consolidates control functions to simplify unit operations.

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